Glassback – Your Misery

Our song Your Misery was written after we ditched a fully produced song that was already scheduled for release. It was one of those situations, where you listen to your finished work and realize that you really don’t like it that much. Luckily we’re in a spot where we can openly address things like this and find a solution for the problem together. The solution in this case was working on Your Misery. The basic idea for the track was floating around in our Google Drive for a pretty long time already before we made it into a fully fletched song.


The video for the track was filmed in our singer’s living room while there was still tracking going on next door which was pretty intense but super fun. We had some help writing the vocals and lyrics for the song by Anna Wydra, a Hamburg based singer. It was a new but exciting thing to work on a Glassback song with a person that is not in the band.

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