Glassback – Fix Me

Fix Me was the first track we released as Glassback. We released it together with Am I Okay? And
No Need to Panic! We recorded it in spring 2020 at Blastbeat Productions in Kiel. We’ve worked
with Olli from Blastbeat many times before. The first time we hung out with him in the studio was
in 2012 when we recorded our first EP as This Is Not Utopia. At that time we were 15 to 18 years
old and had no idea about anything.
We put together the video for the song from over 1,000 individual photos, all of which were taken
at Cedric’s flat. The intro of the video was supposed to be a reference to the intro of Freaks and
Geeks, but nobody understood that, so we don’t talk about it anymore.

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